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Thu Mar 1 17:58:14 EST 2007

 Here is the tentative list for the Grand Ball at Pennsic this year; it will be subject to minor alterations.  Suggestions are welcome!  Please forward to all lists or potentially interested parties...
Judith (de Northumbria)
1651 English: New Boe Pepe, Sellenger's Round, Gathering Peascods, Hearts Ease/Rufty-Tufty, Parson's Farewell, Black Nag
15th c. English: Lybens Dysonis
15th c. French: Danse de Cleves + Pas de Brabant/Saltarello
15th c. Italian: Amoroso, Gelosia, Anello, (improvised) Saltarello, Chirintana, Rostibolo Gioioso, Lauro, Petits Vriens, Piva
16th c. English: Madame Cecilia Almain, Black Almain, Lorraine Almain, Pavanne+ Galliard, 
16th c. French: Galliarde a la Lyonaise, Double Bransle Suite, Cassandra Bransle Suite, Haye Bransle, Official Bransle, Horse's Bransle, Montarde Bransle, Mystery Suite (i.e.dancer's will have to attend the music), Coranto
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