[SCA-Dance] lKWDS brainstorming

Mary Railing mrailing at kiva.net
Wed Jun 27 13:58:05 EDT 2007

Personally, I would prefer a place near a major transportation hub, rather 
than someplace in the boonies.  People have to be able to fly in and then 
be able to get to the site by public transportation.

My [personal] criteria:

Easy access by interstate and airline-- But not so big that renting sites 
is prohibitively expensive. e.g, Pittsburgh or Indianapolis, rather than 
Chicago or New York.

Lodging on site, but not by means of camping.  My personal preference is 
college dorms because they are more affordable.

Within driving distance the majority of dancing Scadians, which means in the 
eastern US or Ontario. Obviously, this has been the exception rather than 
the rule for KWDS, but I think the event will be better attended in 
locations where more people can drive rather than fly.

A date in the summer.  Getting a week off during the school year is too 
difficult for students, parents and educators, which a lot of us are.

Sight-seeing is really far down on my list, because I don't expect to have 
any time for it.

If there were a KWDS in upstate New York, I think it would be better to 
have it closer to Albany (or Buffalo or Rochester).

Just my two cents worth...


On Wed, 27 Jun 2007, Beth Gurzler wrote:

> Hi all,
> Just a thought to keep you going as you pack for Seattle.  I was toying with 
> the idea of a KWD&MS here in upstate NY, specifically in Saratoga Springs 
> which is home to the National museum of Dance.  The atmosphere here is much 
> different than the other venues we've seen so far.  There is a very nice 
> college in the area - Skidmore College but the city of saratoga springs is 
> anything but city-like.  It is surrounded by the Adirondack mountains, state 
> park, a national historic site (the Roosevelt baths) a good sized lake and 
> is the home of a racecourse so there is farmland all around.  In general, 
> it's a beautiful place to visit as well and could make a wonderful family 
> vacation if that was your desire.  There are even campgrounds not far away.  
> The city itself has many hotels from the very posh to the general run of the 
> mill.  The nearest big airport (about 40 miles away) is Albany 
> "international" (they go to Canada) but it isn't really a major hub like 
> Boston, or New York City (each about 3 hours away).
> So what do you think?  I'm not anywhere near a bid but would be willing to 
> pursue it if the interest was there.
> Cheers and happy dancing
> Deonna
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