[SCA-Dance] Cristabell and Wilhelm's New Addition to the Dance Community

ROSS WEAVER ross.weaver at rogers.com
Thu Jun 14 18:17:27 EDT 2007

Cristabell asked that I post our birth announcement here, as many of our far flung SCA friends are on this list (and to those that don't know us, I'm sorry for the "noise" added to the list).

Tuesday June 12th at 22:40 our daughter, Lillyana, was born.  We are planning on teaching her to sleep to the sound of dance music so we can still come out to dance with you all at Pennsic.  Unfortunely we wont be doing Voltas for a bit still...

~Herr Wilhelm von Pottruff,
  THL Cristabell Wensleydale
  and Lillyana, Haling from Ealdormere

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