[SCA-Dance] Branle de l'Official

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Fri Jan 19 18:53:43 EST 2007

  I've been asked to teach Branle de l'Official at an event.  I normally don't teach this, because the SCA version has deviated too far from the original.  I went back to the sources, and found an issue that I'd love some help on. The last four steps of the tabulation are:  pied en l'air left, pied en l'air right, pieds joincts, pause.  This happens during the leap by the ladies.  The notes in the English translation have a brief discussion that this contradicts a previous statement by Arbeau that the men stand firmly while helping the ladies jump. I think it would be possible but risky (and very tiring) for the men to do the kicks while helping the ladies jump.  A possible solution is that the ladies actually jump once for each kick by the men.  A solution that fits better with the instruction that the man stands firmly is that they jump only on the pause, but the tabulation says the lady jumps during the last four steps. It is possible that this footwork is for the lady 
while she is in the air.  Trying to envision this using the typical hold with the lord and lady facing, I think that the lady would only choose to dance this with someone she REALLY doesn't like. If anyone has thoughts on this I would greatly appreciate the help. Teleri 

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