[SCA-Dance] Please help me in my search for the following dance CDs...

Tom Vincent tomrvincent at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 12 15:27:18 EST 2007

hmmm...must not have done much of a search.

I found 'Mesura et Arte del Danzare' at http://www.matson.it/html/bigcatsearch.asp


Tom Vincent
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Greetings fellow dancers, 

I recently made a giant move, of which I permanently
misplaced some of my most precious dance CDs: 

Mesura et Arte del Danzare: Balli Italiani del
Quatrocento by the Accademia Viscontea I Musicanti.
CDL 002, Ducale, Italy 1991 (my most favorite CD ever,
and I am so, so very sad I have lost it! If I could
only choose one CD to have back in my possession, it
would definitely be this one!)

The New York Renaissance Band Country Capers: Music
from Playford's the English Dancing Master

Arbeau's Orchesographie, by The New York Renaissance

Forse Che Si, Forse Che No, by the Ferrara Ensemble

I've googled and searched throughout the web for
ordering information. I cannot find any purchasing
information for any of the above music. I'm calling
out for any help, ideas, or suggestions anyone can
offer me. 

Thank you in advance, 

Avelina del Dolce

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