[SCA-Dance] Haut Barrois branle

Mikuláš migulas at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 10:59:51 EST 2007

Greetings back!

Kirsten Garner wrote:
> I don't know as I can agree with that. To take this
> back to Haut Barrois, Arbeau says that for the first
> step we are to jump from two feet and fall into pied
> largy gaulche ("en tumbant sur pied largy gaulche").
> To me that seems more like he's saying, "jump and end
> up in this pose" than "jump and step left". 

Well, I don't see much to argue with here. Yes, he perhaps wants us to 
jump and end in the pose of "pieds largis gaulche" but not "pieds largis 
obliques gaulche". I think your fears of having to put your weight on 
one foot only would be reasonable if he would force you to do it "oblique".

I don't see much point in turning your body there and back again with 
each step and analyzing where exactly is your weight. And it might get a 
bit hectit when dancing a bit faster - and hault Barrois sould be done 
> I think I'm still a little confused. But maybe it's self-inflicted and I'm over-analyzing. :) 

Oh, yes, I tend to do that too ;) Just try to keep it natural... Your 
conclusions might be fine coming out strictly from the text (although I 
believe you are making it slightly more complicated then necessary ;) 
The reason I belive it is "my way" is mostly because it is more natural.

Does it make you feel any better? ;)


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