[SCA-Dance] Haut Barrois

Michael Bergman eclectic at mit.edu
Tue Jan 9 10:46:21 EST 2007

At 4:06 PM +0100 1/9/07, Mikulás wrote:
>The thing left to decide is how much motion in the ankles is 
>involved. You can either do all jumps very softly (it looks more 
>"renaissance-like") or with your ankles fixed and knees absorbing 
>the impact - that would be very much like some gavottes form 
>Brittany (Gavotte de Dardeloup or Jilgoden for example). But that is 
>just a question of style...

Ow!  NOT just a matter of style, but safety as well.  Absorbing all 
the shock with just the knees is contrary to what I've always been 
taught.  Ankles and FEET should also be involved.  I'll try to dig up 
some authority on this; I'm certainly not one.

--Harald Longfellow

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