[SCA-Dance] Haut Barrois

Barbara Webb bwebb at inf.ed.ac.uk
Tue Jan 9 09:50:19 EST 2007

Thanks for the various messages, let me see if I have understood! 
Basically what you (variously) describe is that the "pied largi gauche" 
landing is done on both feet, with the feet apart (the left foot having 
moved sideways, the right staying more or less where it was). Then the 
next jump lands with feet together (right coming near left), the next with 
feet apart (left moving sideways) and the last with feet together again.

This seems to make sense, and I can even see it as sort of consistent 
with the tabulation, if we interpolate a first saut on the up-beat, i.e.
Beat 	1: land feet apart
 	2: (jump)
         3: land feet 'approche'
         4: (jump)
  	5: land feet apart
         6: (jump)
         7: land feet joined or right foot in the air
 	8: (jump for next step etc.)

I can imagine this could get quite tiring, e.g. doing 8 in succession 
in Montarde, though perhaps easier (and more elegant) with practice.

A few people mentioned Gavotte - I was taught this (many years ago) with 
hopped steps which might be why I had this in mind in trying to decipher 
the Haut Barrois.



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