[SCA-Dance] Looking for the Following Dance CD's

Keith McClune swashbuckler at caerthe.org
Mon Jan 8 23:07:33 EST 2007

Hi there:

Amanda Pakutz wrote:
> I ...
> misplaced some of my most precious dance CDs: 
> Mesura et Arte del Danzare: Balli Italiani del
> Quatrocento by the Accademia Viscontea I Musicanti.

This is probably my most favorite single CD, as well.  Unfortunately, it
appears to have been out-of-print for several years.  The contact information
I collected at least five years ago is:
Ducale snc
via per Cadrezzate 6
21020 Brebbia
Tel: 0332 771771
Fax: 0332 771047
email: ducale at skylink.it
web:  http://www.ducalemusic.it/

Note that at the time I looked it up, the web page was all in Italian, and
appeared to be all pop music (possibly a search on vechio or quatrocento?).

And two other favorites:
> The New York Renaissance Band Country Capers: Music
> from Playford's the English Dancing Master

Arabesque Z6514

> Arbeau's Orchesographie, by The New York Renaissance
> Band

Arabesque Z6520

I have had these for many years, so I do not know how recently they may have
been available.

My dear lady wife suggests looking on TowerRecords.com. Look in the classical
section.  The only other suggestion I can make is to watch Ebay religiously.

I have a list of favorites at 
although it is a little old.

Keith / Guillaume  S:}>
Denver / Caerthe

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