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Salve, fellow followers of Terpsichore!
      The new year is upon us, and Pennsic XXXVI looms over the distant horizon.  This year, I have to pleasure and honour of coordinating European Dance activities in that town, and it is time that I actively began to do so.  To that effect, I need people who are willing to share their time and effort to make this another wonderful dance year.
To wit, we need:
-someone who will coordinate the set-up/take-down of the floor.  I believe that Darius said at last Pennsic that he would be interested in doing so again, and Margaret mentioned to me this last weekend that she would also be interested.
-someone who will take charge of promoting the dance activities at Pennsic (i.e. articles in the pennsic independant, flyers advertising balls and other evening activities, etc.)
-someone who will coordinate evening dance leaders in the barn and or/dance tent.
And most importantly--- teachers willing to share their knowledge!  So start thinking of classes that you would like to offer.  The deadline for submission will be in April probably, but never too early to begin contemplation! :)
I hope to hear from some of you!
Judith de Northumbria
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