[SCA-Dance] ADMIN: List Host name changing

Philip Edward Lewis flip+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Tue Feb 27 11:27:30 EST 2007

Hi folks!

So I broke down and decided a domain name for sca-dance might be nice.
This post, should it make it through, is likely the first post to be
bounced through the new domain.

If you see anything that still references @lists.andrew.cmu.edu or
@andrew.cmu.edu, please let me know.  I'll be sending mail out to
websites that I can find which have the old address.

Note, that old address will continue to work for a time, but you
should start using the new posting address: sca-dance at sca-dance.org

My hopes for the domain is to start having "standard" forwards.
That way, you can visit:
http://sca-dance.org/kwds and always get the Known world dance info.
http://sca-dance.org/pennsic and always get the current pennsic info.
Greg's pages tend to do this already... but I've got to put
*something* up there. ;)

If you have a page that you'd like to set up there, send me the
information off-list. If you have any ideas for other content let me

(one small note: the host has the domain listed as "requested"... but
i just ordered it yesterday... I really don't think there will be any

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