[SCA-Dance] Regional Variation Question

Alex Clark alexbclark at pennswoods.net
Tue Feb 27 10:32:56 EST 2007

At 12:41 PM 2/26/2007 -0800, Greg Lindahl wrote:
>On Mon, Feb 26, 2007 at 11:59:55AM -0800, Jeff Suzuki wrote:
> > 1)  Gathering Peascods:  Initial steps circle to the
> > right; women go in first and circle left.  (Playford
> > doesn't specify direction, so it's certainly a
> > plausible reconstruction, but I've never danced it
> > this way).
>The modern ECD community starts on the right foot, so their first
>circle goes to the right. Another sign of this style is that they set
>right the first time, but this dance doesn't have any setting.

But do they start with the right foot when they circle around at the 
beginning of a dance? I think that the standard for Cecil Sharp versions 
was slip clockwise first, then slip counterclockwise. The same mistake 
(substituting slips for doubles) is often done and taught in the SCA.


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