[SCA-Dance] Regional Variation Question

Jeff Suzuki jeff_suzuki at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 26 14:59:55 EST 2007


I recently attended a dance class where the teacher
had the couples going in what (to me) seems to be a
non-standard direction.  I'm wondering if it's a
regional variation. 

The two dances were:

1)  Gathering Peascods:  Initial steps circle to the
right; women go in first and circle left.  (Playford
doesn't specify direction, so it's certainly a
plausible reconstruction, but I've never danced it
this way).

2)  Pease Bransle:  Again, initial steps are to the
right; also, men jump towards their partner.  (This
seems a little hard to fit with Arbeau's choreography,
which mentions the doubles to the left)


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