[SCA-Dance] What about on topic spam?

Lesley Walker LRW at clear.net.nz
Sat Feb 24 15:36:13 EST 2007

On Sat, 2007-02-24 at 10:21 -0500, Jane & Mark Waks wrote:
> Actually, they go *way* beyond merely harvesting obviously 
> early-dance-related addresses.
> (I make a point of boycotting all companies that use 
> spam, specifically to make sure that they *lose* business for using it.) 
> So please keep deleting it...

How about somebody actually getting in touch with them and talking to
them about it? Maybe they're simply paying the wrong people to do their

I'd do it myself but I'm in New Zealand and the timezone is all wrong.
Is there anyone on this list in Europe who could do it?


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