[SCA-Dance] What about on topic spam?

Jane & Mark Waks waks at comcast.net
Sat Feb 24 10:21:52 EST 2007

Philip Edward Lewis wrote:
> Tom Vincent <tomrvincent at yahoo.com> writes:
>> How would an early dance workshop be considered spam?
> non subscriber, posting to several of the administrative addresses as
> well as the main address. 
> IE, They saw addresses which were somehow related to early dance,
> harvested them, and are blindly posting to all of them.

Actually, they go *way* beyond merely harvesting obviously 
early-dance-related addresses. We typically get a *dozen* of their 
announcements, to a wide variety of our SCA email addresses. And I don't 
mean dance-related addresses. My wife gets them to her 
precedence-related offices, I get them to the Rolls Ethereal public 
address, etc. They cast a wide and uncritical net for this stuff.

If it was only coming to my personal address because they saw that I was 
a dance person, I'd be annoyed but forgiving. But this is spam, pure and 
simple, and as such it should *not* be rewarded. The only way to combat 
spam is to be utterly intolerant of it, *especially* if you are the 
target audience. (I make a point of boycotting all companies that use 
spam, specifically to make sure that they *lose* business for using it.) 
So please keep deleting it...

				-- Justin

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