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Mon Feb 5 07:03:03 EST 2007

Hail, noble followers of the Terpsichorean art!
      Pennsic draws nigh, and we still have a couple of posts that need to be filled by happy volunteers who have too much time on their hands (or by people who will make time...).
1.) Publicity Contact--- we need someone who will write articles about dance activities in the Pennsic Independant, be in charge of seeing that the schedule of dance activities is published there, and in other public locations around Pennsic itself.
2.) Evening Dance coordinator--- someone who will find and schedule volunteers to run open evening dancing in the tent and/or barn.  This person does not have to run the dancing himself, but merely find minions to do it for him.
Lord Darius and Lady Lynette have wonderfully sacrificied their relaxation and time to organize the construction of the floor--- but we need other people to help.  That will happen during the first couple of days of land grab week.
Looking forward to another excellent gathering in the free town of Pennsic!
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