[SCA-Dance] Carols for Dancing

Mary Railing mrailing at kiva.net
Mon Dec 17 14:58:37 EST 2007

The CD is for sale on the wgbh website. In addition to the webcast of the 
program, there are also supposed to be video clips of the dance performance, but that link wasn't workinbg when I 
tried it.


On Mon, 17 Dec 2007, Sheila Beardslee Bosworth wrote:

> At 12:49 PM -0500 12/17/07, Mary Railing wrote:
> >I'd like to call people's attention to a public radio program I heard last
> >night, which is also available on the web at www.wgbh.org/carols
> This is John Tyson's group Renaissonics, based here in Boston.
> They gave a wonderful concert in Lincoln MA last weekend *just*
> before the big snowstorm hit.  Their CD of this concert is also
> available; you might try e-mailing John directly:
> 	tysontsuru at aol.com
> Sheila B

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