[SCA-Dance] Halfe Hannikin

Steven Bush sbbush at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 17 12:47:11 EDT 2007


Henry of Maldon wrote:
>This challenge seems to be premature. A more timely question would 
>be: Half Hannikin - What's Playford's Half? The dance, as I know it 
>from Playford, does not include any "arming". At most, one could 
>guess that the turn at the end is equivalent to arms (IIRC, there's 
>at least one Playford dance that uses both terms for what is 
>apparently the same figure), but that would be no more than an 
>unsupported assumption. So I suppose that the dance described above 
>is the modern "Half Hannigan" (to an adaptation of Playford's tune) 
>and not a version of Playford's Half Hannikin. Since it is 
>mistakenly referred to as being from Playford, it seems that the 
>challenge was issued without consulting Playford to see if his dance 
>works for this challenge.

While I did not author this challenge, I can say that it is based on 
the Typical SCA (TM) way of doing this dance, in a circle, instead of 
in a line as Playford writes.


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