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Sun Apr 15 17:47:56 EDT 2007

I went ahead and reviewed both the Ansteorran and Middle Kingdom Judging forms to answer your question. (I live now in the Middle and helped rewrite the Ansteorran form before I left.)
Neither Kingdom's criteria make allowances for ECD to be judged with any exceptions. Both forms just ask if the entry is period or not period. So by the nature of the dance style you would automatically loose points on either judging sheet.
I think if you wanted to enter something ECD you would not be rejected, but you should expect to not receive full marks. Certainly you could try and justify the work as being in period, but even that would be a  stretch. You just can not hold ECD up to the standards of other A&S entries - both other dance forms, performance forms, and static as well.
By the time you have someone trying to compete in a Kingdom A&S competition, which should conceivably be the most prestigious A&S event for the Kingdom, I really do not think that ECD should have a place there.
Not that I am the period police. After all I am teaching a 1st Ed ECD class in a couple of weeks at Northshield dance seminar (you should go!) but at the same time I would not enter ECD formally in an A&S event. Sure I did early on when I first started playing, but there are much more complicated and interesting styles out there we should be encouraging - especially when we are trying to show the best of our skills.
Don't know if that helps, but it is a few thoughts I have on the idea.
Your Servant to Command,
~Philip White 
(Province of Tree-Girt-Sea, Middle)

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