[SCA-Dance] Event: Northshield Dance Seminar

Steven Bush sbbush at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 15 17:02:49 EDT 2007


Northshield Dance Seminar XXI will take place on 
April 28, 2007 in the Barony of Jararvellir (Madison, WI).

NOTICE: The site has changed from what is listed 
in the Northwatch ads and what was previously 
listed on the website.  The new location is:

Edgewood College - Deming Way
1255 Deming Way
Madison, WI 53717

Take your best route to I-90 in Madison and exit at Highway 12/18 West
Exit 12/18 at Greenway Blvd. (Exit 252) and turn left
At the 3rd stoplight, turn left on Deming Way and go approx. 1/2 mile

Join us for a day and night full of dancing!

During the day, you will have the opportunity to 
learn dances from many talented teachers. The 
classes will cover a variety of styles, including 
Italian, English Country and Middle Eastern 
dance. As always, we will have an entire track aimed at beginners.

Then in the evening, put what you have learned 
into practice at the Grand Ball and Dessert 
Revel. Live music will be provided by the 
Jararvellir Music Guild and the Warwick Consort (guest musicians are welcome.)

As a part of the festivities, Eithni ingen 
Talorgain, Esteemed Baroness of Jararvellir, does 
issue the following challenge to those good 
gentles interested in the art and practice of 
dance: Half Hannikin - What’s the Other Half?

Half-Hannikin is one of the easiest dances from 
Playford’s 1st Edition
 but it’s only half of 
Hannikin. The question is: what’s the other half? 
The dance has up and back, siding, and arming, so 
clearly the missing half is the chorus. Hence the 
challenge: Give us the Other Half of Hannikin.

Participants do not have to be in attendance to 
enter the challenge, but all entries must be 
received by April 24.  More information is available on the website.

For those who are of a more martial frame of 
mind, the Barony will be hosting a regional 
fighter practice during the day from 12 - 5 PM at 
the University of Wisconsin Stock Pavilion.

For more information about the event, including 
classes and lodging, please visit 

Yay dancing!
Etienne de Clermont
NDS Provost

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