[SCA-Dance] Re: Twelve Goddesses triumph over snowstorm

Meredith Courtney meredith at livingpaper.org
Thu Apr 12 21:01:08 EDT 2007

re the masked-ball masque at Pennsic XXV: right, I remember that, I was 
in that, in the role of the Muse Terpsichore (well, one of many ladies who 
claimed that title :)

re the Gawain and the Green Night masque: sounds like fun!

Also, Sir Valgard told me a bit about his Masters thesis, which was a 
production of The Vision of the Twelve Goddesses held at a West Kingdom 
coronation, and he got the Queen to take the role of the goddess Pallas 
(which was the role Queen Anne had in the original, back in 1604).  I hope 
to get some more information about that, Real Soon Now.


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