[SCA-Dance] KWDS 2007 update

Peter Durham Peter.Durham at msnbc.com
Sat Apr 7 23:03:35 EDT 2007

Greetings from Master Trahaearn ap Ieuan, autocrat of KWDS 2007,
to the SCA dance and An Tir dance lists,
and to the many folks pre-registered for KWDS 2007 (via bcc).

I write to give you all a brief update on the event, which is less than
three months away! 

ACTIVITIES: We've received some great proposals from folks (thanks!) and
I will be following up later this month with the submitters on details.
The list of received proposals is now up on the site. There's plenty of
space for more sessions, though - so think about how you can contribute
and send in your ideas! I know many of you are percolating on ideas;
you're welcome to drop me a quick line to let me know so I can save
space and keep the program balanced. For those of you who would like to
contribute a session, but don't know what's needed, we've also added a
page summarizing the requests folks made in last summer's survey and in
their registrations. Some examples of needs: basse dance, 15c Italian
dance, reconstruction classes, workshops on playing music for dance,
30-minute beginner classes for the "Day of Dance" program, performances,
surveys of recently-discovered sources...

HOUSING: The contract from the site is in the mail to me for signing.
Once that's complete, housing registration will be open and details will
be on the web site. This would be happening this week, except I'm taking
a short vacation with my family, so while I'd planned for this to be set
before my vacation, it will be resolved very soon afterward. A preview
of pricing and package information is live on the site now.

SITE: Once the contract is signed and sealed, we'll have pictures of the
site up on the web. We have excellent dance studio space for the
workshops with real dance floors, and the space we're using for the
evening dances is a real visual treat.

SPREAD THE WORD: Make sure the SCA dance community in your area is aware
of KWDS 2007 and looking forward to participating. We've sent to as many
kingdom dance lists as we could find, but if we missed a dance list in
your area, pass on the news! Be sure to cc kwds.lists at earlydance.info so
we don't accidentally re-send to a list you've covered.

SUGGESTIONS: We want to make this the KWDS you're dreaming of. If you
don't see something you want explicitly described on our web site, write
us and make sure we include it! We'd rather hear too much from you now
than learn after the fact that you were disappointed. We've received
lots of great suggestions - including some "obvious" ones that we hadn't
yet put into our plans.

For more details on all this information, visit
http://kwds2007.earlydance.info/. If there are any questions, concerns,
or ideas, pass them along to the event team at
kwds.questions at earlydance.info. 

Thanks everyone, and I look forward to seeing you in An Tir this June!

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