[SCA-Dance] Survey of numbers attenindg KWDS in Drachenwald

Beth Gurzler bgdeonna at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 4 16:29:49 EDT 2007

Hello all,

While Drackenwald would be lovely, there are bound to be the same 
considerations as most other places.  I would concur that while castles 
should be part of the plan, a college that has a dance program would also 
have flooring that would benefit those of us with foot and knee 
considerations.  The acoustics in a great hall would almost require louds 
for the playing of the music in order to hear what we need.  I can certainly 
envision a great feast with dancing in a great hall with hounds at our feet 
and music and other entertainments from every corner.

I can see it now......

For 2009, however, I would love to see KWDS a bit closer to the eastern US.

Here's to the dream
(who's been to Boston, Texas and has made reservations for Seatle too)
BTW I'm driving 3 hours but the round trip flight from Newark airport is 
under $300

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