[SCA-Dance] Next Known World Dance possibly in Drachenwald

White, John white at drexel.edu
Tue Apr 3 16:50:23 EDT 2007

>From:  Judith
>   To that effect, in our search for a site, we have a couple of logistical
>1.) How many people should the site be able to host

As many as want to come?

>2.) Would people expect to sleep on site, or would people do the B&B thing?

Well, sleeping in a castle would be cool, but I think B&B or nearby hotel would
be just fine as well.

>3.) Should food be provided... feast or no feast?

So far, no KWDS that I've been to has had a feast (well, Australia had a meal
plan ...) so I wouldn't expect food to be provided.

>4.)  What is the maximum site fee people would be willing to pay (in pounds
>or EUR) or a castle/palace site?

I don't think that if I'm going to be paying to fly to Europe that I would balk
at whatever site fee was required (especially considering what I just paid for
6 days in a Las Vegas vacation home ...).

>Thank you for your time and consideration!

Hope this goes through ...


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