[SCA-Dance] Survey of numbers attenindg KWDS in Drachenwald

Catherine Dean catherinedean at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 12:30:51 EDT 2007

I would second pretty much all of what Urraca said.

I think we could use another couple cycles before having another KWDS
an overseas plane flight from the US.  It's been 6 years since we had
a midwestern or eastern KWDS and I would support an Ontario bid for
KWDS in 2009 over one from Europe (Most parts of Ontario being a
manageable drive from Detroit or Upstate New York, giving US folks the
option of driving into Canada to avoid international airfares).  It
should also be noted that Darius and company wanted to host the 2007
KWDS and bowed out graciously because of geographic concerns (or was
it some sort of dispute over a galliard. ;)  ).

I also wonder if a Castle is the best site for a dance event.  Will
the spaces be suitable?  Will the FLOORS be suitable?  I love the
"wow" factor (having been to events in castles in college) but I
wonder about the practicality for a KWDS.  The best dance events I've
been to have been in dance studios and churches with wooden floors and
plenty of room.  Just some food for thought.

That said, I know Judith would throw a great party.  It's just that I
and probably a lot of other folks wouldn't be able to get there (for
the third time in a row, in my case, airfares from Virginia to Seattle
for KWDS weekend being in the $500+ range).

(who mundanely works for a southeastern non-profit and would *really*
love to be able to afford to go to KWDS again in her lifetime)

On 4/4/07, Mary Railing <mrailing at kiva.net> wrote:
> I would be against having the next KWDS in Europe.

"Virginians are of genuine Blood--They will dance or die!"
    Philip Vickers Fithian
    August 25, 1774

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