[SCA-Dance] Survey of numbers attenindg KWDS in Drachenwald

Mary Railing mrailing at kiva.net
Wed Apr 4 12:14:05 EDT 2007

I would be against having the next KWDS in Europe.  I did fly to Australia 
for the last one, and I will fly to Seattle this year, but I don't want to 
have to fly three times in a row.  Last weekend, at Terpsichore (in 
Michigan), I was struck by how many of the dance geek crowd was not 
planning to go to KWDS in Seattle.  There were people there who had come 
from as far away as Atlantia and Northshield, but the need to fly puts an 
event (at least psychologically) out of reach for many people who would make 
a 16 hour car trip to something they really want to go to.

Given the distribution of SCA members and the differing dance culture of 
the various kingdoms, the great majority of the people who would attend a 
KWDS are in the eastern half of the US. Although I support the idea of 
KWDS moving around, including outside the US, I really think the next one 
should be someplace east of the Mississippi (which includes Ontario) 
before we consider one in Europe.

Personally, I'd prefer Toronto to Ottawa, because it would be easier for 
me to get to.  Is there any talk of the Debateable Lands bidding? (People 
already know what it costs them in money and time to travel to the Pennsic 
area.) In all honesty, if I ever feel like I have the money to go to a 
dance event in Europe, I'll go to Sparti's workshop in Urbino, rather than 
to an SCA event.


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