[SCA-Dance] Next Known World Dance possibly in Drachenwald

Judith judithsca at aol.com
Tue Apr 3 16:31:15 EDT 2007

Hail, fellow dancers!
      So, considering that we have now had Known World Dance Symposias all
over the US, and on the other side of the Pacific, we here in Drachenwald
would like to host one here.  In a castle or some other such cool medieval
site, of course (there must be an advantage to living on a continent where
we pay a minimum of 20% sales tax and 80% fuel tax...).
   To that effect, in our search for a site, we have a couple of logistical

1.) How many people should the site be able to host
2.) Would people expect to sleep on site, or would people do the B&B thing?
3.) Should food be provided... feast or no feast?
4.)  What is the maximum site fee people would be willing to pay (in pounds
or EUR) or a castle/palace site?

Thank you for your time and consideration!

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