[SCA-Dance] Dancers Wanted for Wheaton Village Demo - 9/17/06 - NJ

janeeve2001 Janeeve2001 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 12 17:59:07 EDT 2006

There will be an Italian Festival at Wheaton Village in Millville, 
NJ,featuring the Italian Renaissance Sunday, September 17, 2006. 
Participants will meet at 9am, and the demo/program runs 11am-4pm.

The hope is to get as many of the Branslers et al. musicians out 
there as possible, though the warning is that the greater majority 
of the music is Italian (with some of the bransles and such tossed 
in). There are four points during the day with music: the opening 
gate (just something boistrous, possibly even louds); a courtly 
dance session; a short concert of music; and the end wedding, which 
will include a processional (potentially louds and
drums), soft recorder music during the ceremony, and then a dance 
consisting of some the simpler bouncier stuff. Now how often do we 
perform louds in public <G>?

The actual music pieces would be:
For court dance: Amoroso, Anello, Gelosia, Rostiboli, possibly 

For concert: Not fixed yet - possibly include Canario, Contrapasso 
Nuovo, Mercantia, Villanella, some Italian Madrigal, and some 
Italian song (Defendio Core maybe, if Edie can make it and is 

For processional, probably Belle Qui.

For Wedding Ceremony, either Vattene almo riposo (more interesting 
but more difficult) or Come lieta si mostra, both from the 
Florentine Wedding Music of 1539 are simple quartets (former SATB, 
latter SSTB). I will post music for this (already typed and ready 
thanks to Siobhan).

For Wedding Dance - Ballo del fiore, Petit Vriens, Horses, Ly Bens, 
Pinaguy, maybe Peas, and a line dance (which I'll post music for - 
very simple).

The event schedule goes roughly as follows:

Basic theme is a contested wedding, with the daughter of a Venician 
lord marrying a chosen man, and an older individual trying to butt 
in to get the Venician's fortune.

There will be an opening "Mass" starting at 10am, following a short 
slide show about Venice in the Event Center. We do not participate 
in this.

Main Site opens at 11am with some brief show by the gate, including 
some music, introduction of the basic plot, and general directions 
about what is happening during the day.

12 noon there will be a Puppet Show (organized by Wheaton from a 
local traditional maker).

1pm will have Italian court dances.

1:30pm will have short music concert (including dance and vocal 

2pm will have Chess Match (organized by a theatrical fighting 

3pm will have a "wedding ceremony" - a processional from the main 
gate area to
the wedding stage. A small ceremony based on the Medici text, and 
followed by
general music and dancing, potentially including the audience.

4pm site more or less closes.

During the day there will be demonstrations of calligraphy, food, 
masks, glass, and any other artisans we can collect. Also would be 
great if we could get a seige weapon on site, which would be able to 
fire into the lake on site.

Demonstrations may be done outdoors (with tables, chairs and whatnot 
provided) assuming the weather is good. There is a very large indoor 
space as well (which is where everything will take place should the 
weather turn bad), and where arts and crafts may be displayed if 
necessary, again with tables, chairs and other display space 

If you need more info, please contact me privately at: 
janeeve2001@ yahoo.com

Lady Jane Milford
THL Justinian Timagenes
Master Arden Iacomb

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