[SCA-Dance] Dance event in Bright Hills (Atlantia) needs help!

Jennifer Dobyns jendobyns at verizon.net
Sun Oct 29 22:15:37 EST 2006


I am forwarding this with the permission of the autocrat for the  
following event.  We seem to have very little dance-oriented activity  
here, it would be wonderful to see this get off to a flying start *G*

Genevieve D'Aubigne

> On December 9, 2006, the Barony of Bright Hills will host it's  
> First Ides of
> Yule Winter Ball - an all dance event. (http://www.brighthills.net/ 
> events/Ides2006.htm )
> I am in dire need of teachers for the first four hours of the day.   
> NOT NEED TO TEACH FOR THE ENTIRE 4 HOURS.  One or two dances will  
> do - I'd
> like to see a lot of folks teaching a lot of dance.
> There are three requests for dance - I would like the first dance  
> to be a
> Pavanne in honour of our Baron and Baroness who are BIG promoters  
> of dance
> in the barony.  I understand there is a dance where the dancers  
> come to the
> honorees, bow and recede.  I'd like that to be the first dance -  
> can someone
> teach it?  And tell me what it is called?
> Her Excellency Cordelia's favorite dance is the Earl of Salisbury's  
> Pavanne
> and his Excellency Barre's is Whirligig.  I'd like those two  
> included -
> other than that, teachers are invited to teach those dances they  
> love most.
> And then dance the afternoon away!
> If you would be willing to teach a dance or two, please contact me  
> off list.
> You will gain my undying gratitude, we will feed you REAL good, and  
> I will
> FINALLY get to learn some dances!!!
> Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.
> Lady Roana de Laci

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