[SCA-Dance] Homage to Amor available on CD

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Thu Nov 23 15:26:56 EST 2006

I know some folks have been waiting years for Angene Feves' "Homage to
Amor" tape to be available on CD... now it is. Peronnelle reports that
she got one from Barbara Sparti at Urbino, and that Barbara purchased them
from Angene.

The list of dances on the tape is: Allegrezza d'Amore, Amor Costante,
Fiamma d'Amore, Contezza d'Amore, Dolce Amoroso Fuoco, Rustica
Amorosa, Gracca Amorosa, Leggiadra d'Amore, Gloria d'Amore/Donna
Leggiadra, Amor Mio/Vero Amore, Gentilezza d'Amore, Gratia d'Amore,
Maraviglia d'Amore, Nido d'Amore, Amor Prudente.

Thanks, Perronnelle, for mentioning this!

-- Gregory

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