[SCA-Dance] Feb 17 - Step Spritely (Silk Slippers and Crossed Swords)

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 00:03:43 EST 2006

Hi.  Darius here.

Well, for those who won't be in Pittsburg, may I suggest Ealdormere's
Annual Dance Event, Silk Slippers and Crossed Swords (formerly Step
Spritely, but recently they added fencing in the unused space
downstairs, to help cover site costs).

It is a cozy little event, with 2 class tracks during the day, 6
classes in each, and a ball with live music in the evening.  It is
located in Guelph, Ontario (about 3 hours drive from Detroit, 2 from
Buffalo).  Some crash space could be arranged for those interested, or
I know that some travellers often share a hotel room for the weekend.

We are really interested in getting some interesting classes and an
assortment of teachers out this year.  I know that we typically draw
the teachers out of the woodwork from this area (generally around
Ontario), as well as several Michiganites who often come up to make
this a really nice, enjoyable day of dancing.

As the main focus is dance (and the kitchen facilities aren't huge),
the feast will be returning to its original format this year of a
Potluck.  For those travelling from afar, you can opt for chipping in
a few dollars.  (or there are some good restaurants around, but then
you may miss some dancing!)

We would like to start to determine our class schedule for the day at
this point.  If you are interested in coming, please email me back to
let me know if you will need crash space, and/or if you are interested
in teaching a class.  You don't have to guarantee a commitment quite
yet, this will just start to give us an idea who is likely to make it,
and what classes we will have.

Here is the local website (http://www.uoguelph.ca/~sca/).  There is no
event site available yet, but the schedule is definitely set for
February 17, 2007.

Looking forward to an excellent dance event!  I hope that a lot of
people can make it.

Oh, and for those who will be there, we can also discuss this further
at Crystal Ball in 2 weeks!  (my first time making it to this event)


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