[SCA-Dance] EVENT: Aethelmearc Academy, July 15, Buffalo NY

L. J. Sparvero ljsparvero at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 15:12:22 EDT 2006

There's going to be a few dance classes at the upcoming Academy on
July 15th (Rhydderich Hael, AEthelmearc). Info and class schedule at

Late additions are not yet up, you should still be able to teach if you want!

I'm posting this since my class is going to be in the "Ask-a-Laurel"
format that is sometimes done in AEthelmearc. You show up with
questions, and I try and answer them ;-) They can be as general or as
specific as you want ("Give me some style tips" or "Show me what you
think Negri meant by a seguito ordinario") If you have a dance
reconstruction request, I'd ask you get it to me a couple days in
advance (I won't have my whole library of dance books there), and
e-mail it to the address above.

Yay dancing, -L.J. aka Lyev

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