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Tom Vincent tomrvincent at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 28 12:44:39 EST 2006

That might be because it now is a pain-in-the-arse to reply to the list. 
You 'reply' only to see it go to the poster instead of the list.  It 
eventually kills discussion.  I've seen other lists that have made this 
change and they all devolve into an announcement-only list.

Caer Adamant

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> Reminder: This list now set up with no reply-to header. Make sure you 
> reply to the sca-dance at andrew.cmu.edu *or* the individual.
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> Greetings,
> As the recent email about spam getting through the list filters is  the 
> first I've seen from the list lately, this was rather  interesting!   I've 
> had a couple of emails about dance events, but  have not seen the usual 
> traffic since the set up for replies was  changed.
> Genevieve D'Aubigne
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