[SCA-Dance] Ealdormere - Step Spritely

Heather Galoska hgaloska at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 11 22:08:27 EST 2006

Step Spritely


My name is Brigit and I’m one of the coautocrats for Silk Slippers and 
Crossed Swords (Step Spritely) this year.  We are looking for people of 
offer a 50 minute class (or classes!) on some aspect of medieval dance of 
your choosing at our upcoming event.

The event is on February 11th at the same site as last year (so the floors 
are pretty good).  We will provide you with a room and a CD player.  We 
would also be happy to comp. your site fee.  As well, if you return with a 
confirmation that you can teach by January 20th, and you are travelling some 
distance to be with us, then I can put you in as part of our application to 
the Kingdom Teachers fund to have some of your travel expenses covered.

The event is changing this year, to include fencing, but we are very 
passionate about keeping the dancing focus very strong by having great 
teachers and great classes.  As is tradition, we will be finishing the event 
with the royal ball and the court of love.  We sincerely hope that you will 
be able to join us for the day.

Thank you,
Brigit nic Larkin

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