[SCA-Dance] Need Help Finding Copies of the Following CDs...

Amanda senat0ramida1a at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 10 01:04:04 EST 2006


I once possessed copies of the following CD's. They were a gift from a
former dancer in the SCA. I recently moved and currently cannot find
the following CDs for sale on-line : 

The New York Renaissance Band - Arabesque Recordings: This is the CD
that has 8 tracks, all of them are different English Country Dances. 

Mesura et Arte del Danzare: Balli Italiani del Quatrocento by the
Accademia Viscontea I Musicanti. CDL 002, Ducale, Italy 1991

Alta Danza
    Dance Music from 15th-century Italy
    Ensemble Les Haulz et Les Bas / Véronique Daniels
    Christophorus 77208 

Can anyone please assist me with a website where these can be
purchased? I've tried the most common online music vending websites
and I've had no luck. 

Thank you, 

Avelina del Dolce

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