[SCA-Dance] next Known World Dance

Peter Durham trahaearn at msn.com
Fri Aug 25 20:16:14 EDT 2006

We are still in the process of finalizing site commitments, but are aiming
at Thursday June 28 through Sunday July 1, with the event in or near
Seattle, WA. This is not firm enough for folks to be buying plane tickets
around yet, but I don't plan to keep you all waiting much longer. I had
hoped to make the announcement for Pennsic but needed to push things just a
little further first.
- Trahaearn

| Now that Pennsic is behind us, is there a date set yet for the next
| Known World Dance?  My commits for next year are starting to fill up
| and I want to be sure to keep the date open.
| --Perronnelle

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