[SCA-Dance] Dance in Renaissance Spain

[]Stewart, Sara StewartS at health.missouri.edu
Thu Aug 24 09:24:06 EDT 2006


 Greetings all, Does anyone know what the Christians in late 15th century Spain were dancing?  This might make for an interesting and diverse dance track at a large event. YIS,Gideon EastwodeRusted Woodlands, EK

There is some information from Catalan sources from this period.  There is very early 15th century Catalan poem that shows they were doing French basse dances .
 The Cervera manuscript dates from 1496.  It is a collection of choreographies in French Basse dance style. However there are certain differences in some of the choreographies that suggest influence on 15th century Italina dances, or a whole different Catalan twist on the basse dance.
I wrote a paper on the Catalan manuscripts and reconstructed some of the dances.  If you are interested in seeing it. let me know (sara.seonaid at gmail.com <mailto:sara.seonaid at gmail.com> )
Sorry, I do not know much about Spanish sources beyond that.

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