[SCA-Dance] Day of Arbeau III : Call for Dance Instructors

Wulfric wulfric at manor.wolvesbanedesigns.com
Tue Aug 1 14:41:39 EDT 2006

Greetings unto all,

While I am not able to act in an official capacity at this time, I find 
myself unable to simply step away from this event. Now in its third 
year, the Day of Arbeau has begun taking on a life of its own. Despite 
the implications of its name, DoA has and will continue to be a dance 
event which allows the community to not only experience the dances that 
we know and love but to provide a venue in which instructors and dancers 
can have the freedom to try out less known dances or to learn that there 
is more to the dances than simply learning the steps. To this end, I 
will now lend my voice to this year's Autocrat and ask those that have 
come before and those others who wish to join us for the first time to 
please step forward to help us fill our class schedule.

To those good gentles who wish to learn or simply enjoy the experience 
of dance, I also extend a heart felt invitation. Come and learn from 
those who freely offer you their knowledge. Come and experience the 
hospitality of the Shire of Rockwall. Come and revel in all this day 
will have to offer. I promise you, when it has passed you will have no 
regrets in having joined us. Come and join our celebration dance!

This year, the shire has decided that we will be making crash space 
available on site to all we can accomodate. This space is limited and 
will be by reservation only. Currently, we will be offering space in the 
lower hall for a fee of $5/night and we will have bunks available in one 
of the nearby lodges for $7/night. This fee also includes a planned 
breakfast on Saturday morning and "foraging" on Sunday (To my knowledge, 
no one has ever left hungry!).

The website of the event is currently under construction and can be 
viewed here http://www.shireofrockwall.org/events/doa3/ The initial ball 
list has been set, but suggestions are welcome. The class schedule will 
be updated as we hear from the instructors.

Thank you all. I hope to see many of you this year at Day of Arbeau, 
both old friends and new.

In Service,
Wulfric Ferreter

* Please feel free to forward this message on to any individuals or 
mailing lists who may be interested.

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