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Tom Vincent tomrvincent at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 28 12:58:06 EDT 2006

I know, but it's still a pain in the arse.  I have to do a 'reply all' and then remove the individual.  It's completely counter-intuitive.
  This is the way I see it:  An e-mail list mimicks a conversation between a group of people at a gathering.
  So, a reply is made in earshot of everyone there, not just to one person.  The way *this* list is set up, the analogy would be that a person in the gathering makes a comment and you take them into another room in order to make your (private) reply rather than in front of the group, which is the normal way the group conversation dynamics would operate.
  Doing a 'reply all' would be like taking the person into a separate room for a conversation and then leading the person back to the group and then saying exactly the same thing to the person in front of the group!
  So, common sense would dictate that replies to an group e-mail would go to the *group*, not JUST to the person who made the comment.  If you want a private conversation, have one, but that's not the purpose of a group e-mail or a group e-list, by definition.

Philip Edward Lewis <flip+ at andrew.cmu.edu> wrote:
  Reminder: This list now set up with no reply-to header. 
Make sure you reply to the sca-dance at andrew.cmu.edu *or* the individual.

Tom Vincent writes:
>(dammit, I hate the reply-to setup on this list!)

Hint: look for the reply to all feature of your mail program.

The change was made because the last time the list was polled, the
"not breaking the official rules for good message processing behavior"
crowd (of which i am in favor of) crowd one. Perhaps this was because of
apathy, but that's not in question here.

There *is* a reminder at the top of each post. ;) (which is annoying,
I realize, but will stay there for a while, since there was such a
long time with it set up the other way.)

I know that we are an intelligent crowd, and all of us know how to
read a "To:" header... it really shouldn't be to big issue.
(nor should the other way, but that setup *did* delete data that the
poster might have explicitly set and wished to preserve) 

May no harm befall you,
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