[SCA-Dance] Maypole

Philip Edward Lewis flip+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Fri Apr 28 09:02:28 EDT 2006

Tom Vincent <tomrvincent at yahoo.com> writes:
>I'll believe that when I see it.  
do note-- the "set" you posted is for a ring and 12 1"x12'(I assume
the " is a misprint on the site) ribbons only. It is "For use with BLUE SPORT
Poles and Bases". The vollyball base with 10' pole is another 60. (on
that site) Total cost $144.

>Building an indoor/outdoor base would be pricey, too.  
Pole could be a piece of PVC, or better--wooden closet rod.
PVC is dirt cheap, and closet rod isn't that expensive. Perhaps $1/ft?

Indoor/outdoor base would be the price of a bag of concrete mix. <$10?
Mix full bag of concrete, pour into box lined with a garbage bag,
insert and plumb the pole (greased or bagged if you want to remove it)
and brace till set.  can't think of a cheap "ring" offhand, perhaps a
large screw eye or a wreath of grapevines/supple branches.
(Forsythia should work)

>The price of ribbon alone would be well over $100, 
>and that wouldn't even be very sturdy.  
I have no idea what 144' of 1" wide ribbon costs. that's 48
yards... so even at $1/yard (I have this vague recollection that cheap
trim costs about that) that's $50.

has a first hit for 1.5" ribbon@ .69/yard.
I have no idea how sturdy it is. ;)

Just some thoughts.
I don't think anyone is trying to make you feel bad.
Go outside and get some fresh almost may air, you sound stressed.

May no harm befall you,
Ich habe keine Ahnung was das bedeutet, oder vielleicht doch?

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