[SCA-Dance] Re: Friday night Ball at GWW

Roz thlroz at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 9 14:57:00 EDT 2005

::Roz waves to Vyncent from her normal spot in the back of the room, against the wall::

Hi there, Vynnie!

You know, I bet if you asked really nice, the kind folks over at www.artisansrow.org would be happy to give you some space on their server to host your web page.  This is especially true, as one of the things that the Artisans talked about at our Gulf Wars wrap-up meeting last war was that we want to host a "Night on the Town" type dancey/artsy thingee one night.  The thought is that we hope to encourage the dance community to dance on the court beside Bede Hall (which is also right next to Artisan's Row), where we will also have extended hours on the Row.

Anyway, contact me off-list, and I will get you log-in info to upload your page.

As ever--


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  And on October 7 =)

  Apologies for not posting to the SCA-Dance list, I should have done 
  so!  I made a call for musicians on both the West and Caid lists, as 
  I would very much like to have live music at the ball.  Further, I've 
  also created a webpage detailing the set list and providing a link to 
  the sheet music.  Please see the below for details on the ball itself 
  as well!  (Sorry about the geocities website =)  If you guys have any 
  comments, please let me know, as I'm not opposed to switching things 
  around if it seems like a good suggestion.



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