[SCA-Dance] FW: music suggestions for ECD CD

Mary Railing mrailing at kiva.net
Tue Nov 15 17:43:20 EST 2005

  The Playford dances I would vote for are Night Peece, Saturday Night &
Sunday Morn, and Lord of Carnarvon's Jig (The coolest progression in
Playford, but the only recording I know of is from a 30 year old German
record album.)
  For your "sampler" CD, I would urge you to resist the temptation to
produce an "SCA Top Ten Favorites" collection.  The dance world is not
waiting for yet another recording of Rostibolli.  Jouissance, Musica
Subterranea and others have already produced that sort of CD. You will get
more attention with dances for which there isn't recorded music readily
available.  On the other hand, if you have a different arrangement from the
usual one, that can be helpful.  As Mara pointed out, there are different
opinions regarding tempo.  There are also cases where different SCA
reconstructions require different repeat structures of the music.  This is
an issue that would require a bit of research to figure out what different
reconstructions are out there.
  The 15th century dances I would like to see are Sobria and Mercantia.
  The Gresley dances for which there's music are all on the Eschewynge of
Ydlenesse CD, but it would be good to have versions that work better with
some of the different reconstructions by Emma, et al.
  I would like to see an arrangement of "Belle Qie Tiens Ma Vie" as a
pavan/gailliard suite.  A danceable coranto would be a very good thing.
Most Arbeau branles have been done to death, but there are some missing:
Trihory, the *real* Maltese Branle, Poitou, Candlestick (long enough to
switch partners several times).
  Being a big fan of 16th century Italian dances, I *could* recommend
enough to fill a CD.  The 16th c. dances that I think there is the most
need for are Chiara Stella and Castellana.  Alta Regina would also be nice.
Music to fit Alejandra de Miera's reconstructions would be welcome on the
east coast.  Gratia d'Amore and Torneo Amoroso (Etienne's reconstruction)
from Il Ballarino.

--Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa (Middle Kingdom)

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