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Courtney Meredith Meredith.Courtney at comverse.com
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 Not for an ECD-oriented CD: but I'd like to make a pitch for some
Burgundian dances - they really ought to be better known than they are,
and I'm convinced that one of the problems is the lack of music that
both sounds nice and is played at a comfortable dance tempo.  And the
problem with *that*, is that in order for ordinary mortals to dance them
comfortably, they have to be played much faster than musicians want to
play them.  Heck, when I'm just listening to the pieces, I want to hear
them played more slowly than I'm comfortable dancing them.

Suggestions: Beaulte de Castille, Danse de Cleves, La Francoise
Nouvelle, Alenchon.  And for a tempo benchmark: there's a track on one
of the Tape of Dance albums, I think it is vol 3, called "Le Moi de
Mai", recorded by the Carolingian Guild of Jongleurs in 1976.


Meredith Courtney

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To the SCA dance community:

As I mentioned at KWDS, some friends have asked me to help them with a
dance music CD.  (I think I've talked them into 2).  Their focus is to
make a CD that will be useful to dancers ... what music do you want/need
to be available in CD form.

I've put together a list of 24 Playford ECD for the (first) CD.  Most of
them are dances which I know are being done/being taught, for which
music is not readily available.  I have a few slots that are slated as
(to be determined later).  This is last chance for input from other
dance teachers and dancers --- is there anything that you really want to
have on a CD of ECD?

ALSO -- I am seeking suggestions for a mixed-dance CD (pulling from all
genres of the 15th-17th C western dance "as done in the SCA") -- It is
basically a "sampler" CD, with 5-6 15th C dances (including 1 or 2
Gresley dances - suggestions?), 4 from 16th C Arbeau (pavan, gailliard,
coranto, and a "branle suite"), 3-4 16th C Italian, some from the Inns
of Court repertoire, and a few representative ECD.  -- Suggestions?

I look forward to hearing from some of you with suggestions.

With Sincerity (and apologies for intruding into your busy lives) Sara
de Bonneville (of An Tir),
  student to Master Traheaern

Sara L Bonneville, Budget Manager
Clover Park School District

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