[SCA-Dance] FW: music suggestions for ECD CD

Jane & Mark Waks waks at comcast.net
Tue Nov 15 08:30:59 EST 2005

Peter Durham wrote:
> ALSO -- I am seeking suggestions for a mixed-dance CD (pulling from all
> genres of the 15th-17th C western dance "as done in the SCA") -- It is
> basically a "sampler" CD, with 5-6 15th C dances (including 1 or 2 Gresley
> dances - suggestions?), 4 from 16th C Arbeau (pavan, gailliard, coranto, and
> a "branle suite"), 3-4 16th C Italian, some from the Inns of Court
> repertoire, and a few representative ECD.  -- Suggestions?

Well, on the 16th c. Italian front, I'll suggest Alba Novella, or maybe 
Alta Regina, two reasonably good, semi-easy dances from the front of Il 
Ballarino. We've been using them as not-quite-beginner dances for the 
repertoire, and getting a better recording than my synth one would be 

Or maybe Barriera, which is a favorite among the more hardcore Italian 
fans locally. (My personal fave in this style.) Or possibly Villanella, 
generally our introductory dance for the repertoire...

				-- Justin

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