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>From Bruce Padget to the Aten Dance list dated:__10/03/05

The list, as I'd like to see it published, is
bracketed by "========="  Feel free to forward all the
notes to dancing-related lists as you see fit.

*Carolingian Pavane+
*Calontir Bransle+
**Upon a Summer's Day
Petit Riens

*New Alman
*Pease Bransle
**Heralds in Love+

*Black Alman
*Montarde Bransle
Mannshaft Pavane+

*Madam Sosilia Alman
**Hearts Ease
Rostiboli Gioioso
*Quen Quer Que+

* Dance will be taught in full at the Ball, and is
suitable for beginners.

** The chorus of the dance will be briefly taught.
Dancers should have some familiarity with English
Country Dance

Dances not marked will not be taught at the Ball, but
they will be taught in classes and open dance sessions
before the Ball.

+ Dance invented in the SCA.  This is what we mean by,
"Creative Anachronism."


Thoughts --
1.  I'd like to have more dances, but we do have
40th-year festivities to work around. I'm sure the
true dance wonks will hang out after.  I'll be trying
to get the large ramada for open dance nights, so we
have a hard (if not pretty) floor on which to exercise

2.  It is our example, as dance scholars, that will
start the ball on time and keep it moving.  I know it
very well do neither. :D  But if we don't lead on
this, it's guaranteed that it won't move smoothly.
(Who's "we"?  If you care enough about dance to
subscribe to a dance-related e-list, you're part of

3.  Half the dances will be taught in full, and they
take longer to dance than to teach.  Thus, a new
person with any coordination and rhythm will be able
to do half the dances, including the opening and
closing ones.  My experience over a dozen Estrellas is
that the Grand Ball draws a lot of beginners and very
casual dancers, so when in doubt, I've balanced the
list toward the beginner.  For dances that won't be
taught, I've tried to choose widely-known ones.  I've
also taken care to avoid simple dances that (in my
experience) have appealed to the "gallumpher" that
lurks in almost every beginner.  In the end, to be
very blunt, my guide was that I'd rather see a lot of
people dancing somewhat prettily than a few dancing

4.  In honor of the 40th Year Celebration, I've
included 5 SCA inventions.  I know I've included two
Master Sion dances, but his stuff is so good,

5. If it's feasible, can we get vocals on "Upon a
Summer's Day" and/or "Hearts Ease?"  For "Quen Quer
Que," vocals are a must.  It's going to be a noisy
hall, so powerful may count for more than pretty on
the vocals.

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> Speaking of Estrella, and it's Ball.  Is there any information on it
> yet?  As in who is running it and what the set list will be.  And the
> time frame.  Especially the last, as I will be doing stints as a
> Security Shift Lead during the war, and I'd like to arrange NOT to have
> my shifts conflict with my dance habit.
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