[SCA-Dance] Estrella War Ball - Feb 2006

Keith McClune swashbuckler at caerthe.org
Thu Nov 10 20:22:11 EST 2005

Hi there:

The MOMstable wrote:
> Speaking of Estrella, and it's Ball.  Is there any information on it
> yet?  As in who is running it and what the set list will be.  And the
> time frame.

I am not particularly involved in Estrella, especially since I have another
commitment the will keep me away next year.  I have, however, been following the
discussions on the Aten dance list (AtenDance at yahoogroups.com).

Niccolo (Artemesia) will be running the ball.  He has posted his email address:
bapadget at yahoo.com

The (final, I think) set list is:

*Carolingian Pavane+
*Calontir Bransle+
**Upon a Summer's Day 
Petit Riens

*New Alman
*Pease Bransle
**Heralds in Love+

*Black Alman
*Montarde Bransle
Mannshaft Pavane+
*Madam Sosilia Alman
**Hearts Ease
Rostiboli Gioioso
*Quen Quer Que+

* Dance will be taught in full at the Ball, and is
suitable for beginners.

** The chorus of the dance will be briefly taught. 
Dancers should have some familiarity with English
Country Dance

Dances not marked will not be taught at the Ball, but
they will be taught in classes and open dance sessions
before the Ball.

+ Dance invented in the SCA.  This is what we mean by,
"Creative Anachronism."

Expecting a number of casual dancers as part 40th Year, the list emphasizes
easy and well known dances.  Niccolo notes:  "In honor of the 40th Year
Celebration, I've included 5 SCA inventions."

I remember seeing that the ball followed the 40th Year Celebration court, but
now I can't find the reference.  The web page does not have a schedule, yet.
Sorry I can't help more with the timing.  I'll post more if I find it (assuming
nobody else jumps in).

If you aren't busy elsewhere, it should be fun.

Keith  / Guillaume    S:}>
Denver / Caerthe, Outlands

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