[SCA-Dance] ADMIN: List changes

sca-dance-owner at lists.andrew.cmu.edu sca-dance-owner at lists.andrew.cmu.edu
Thu Nov 3 10:42:33 EST 2005

Hi folks.

Starting with this message (unless some others get through while I'm
typing this) there are some changes to the list.

1: The Reply-To "force to list" behavior is gone.  In the end, the
   votes were about equal, and good cases were made for each side.
   Since the list is relatively low volume, this shouldn't have a big
   impact.  I imagine most of you are competent enough to look at your
   reply message and figure out to whom it is going.

2: There should be a header telling you to be careful with your
   replies.  To wit, reply to the list address if you want to reply to
   the list.  Please do not reply to both the list address and the
   person to whom you are replying.  If they are posting, they are
   likely reading the list, and will get your reply through that
   mechanism.  This header will eventually go away... It's just there
   as a temporary reminder of the change.

Make sure you send to sca-dance at andrew.cmu.edu.  A couple posts have
been made to the @lists address.  I do not want that address used.
The old address goes through some spam filters that reduce my
administrative overhead.  If the new address is released into the
wild, the spammers can bypass those filters.

Posts made to the @lists address will be filtered/rejected.

be safe. 

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