[SCA-Dance] Crosston Ball, Jan 21 in the West Kingdom

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Thu Dec 15 23:55:45 EST 2005

January 21, 2006
Crosston Dance Ball 2006
Shire of Crosston (Santa Clara, CA)

Do you love period dance and are eager for a chance to dance the 
night away? Are you new to dance and want to give it a try? Do you 
have 12th Night garb that didn't quite get finished in time for 12th 
Night? Then this is your big chance to realize your dreams: come to 
Crosston Shire's annual Dance Ball and show off your finery while 
learning and performing popular period dances. A day of dance 
instruction led by our fabulous dance instructors will be followed 
by a sumptuous one-course feast prepared by Lady Chiara la 
Trombottiera, and an evening of dance to the sweet tunes of our 
wonderful live musicians. 

If you would like to learn the dances beforehand, please feel free 
to attend the Crosston weekly dance practice on Wednesdays or the 
Darkwood Thursday practices before the Ball.

Site Information: The event will be held at the Palo Alto Arts 
Center at 1313 Newell Road, Palo Alto, CA, 94303; (650) 329-2366. 
There will be no site fee, but donations will be gladly accepted at 
the door.  The site opens at 10am for setup, dance teaching begins 
at 1, the feast will be begin at 5, dancing begins at 6, and the 
site closes at 10pm.  Please see Crosston's website, 
http://www.halimal.com/crosston/Pages/danceball06.htm.  While there 
is no fee for the feast, please RSVP your intended attendance to 
Baccus.  This is a DRY site.

Autocrat: Baccus Kaloethes (William Edgin) 750 Bair Island Road 
#106, Redwood City, CA 94063 / 408-624-7445 / 
baccus_kaloethes ZAT yahoo.com

Directions: Take 101 to Embarcadero West in Palo Alto. Go west on 
Embarcadero to the fourth stop light, Newell Road, and turn right. 
Turn right into the Palo Alto Arts Center. Drive all the way to the 
back into the large lot. The auditorium is on the east end of the 
building right by the parking lot; signs will point the way.

Preliminary Menu

Bread and cheese
Chickpea soup (veggie)
Everyday torta (veggie)
Small pies (veggie)
Sauted mushrooms with spices
Tiered dried fruit pie
Pumpkin tart

Planned Dance Sets

Classes taught before the ball:
1pm - English Country Dance and an Alman by Na'arah bat Avraham
          (Spanish Jeepsie, Black Nag, and Black Alman) 
2pm - 15th Century Italian Dance by Isabel d'Triana (Gelosia,
          Amoroso, Rostiboli Gioso, Petit Renise)
3pm - 16th Century Italian Dance by Geoffrey Mathias
          (Villanella, Chiranzana, Madame Sosilia's Alman)
4pm - English Country Dance and a Bransel by John Theophilus
          (Horses Bransel, Rufty Tufty, Heart's Ease and Jenny Pluck 

Set one
Horses Bransel (couples as will, easy)
Villanella (couples/triples as will, easy)
Contentezza d'Amore (couples as will, hard)
Spanish Gypsy (4 couples, medium)
Gelosia (3 couples, easy)
Black Nag (3-4 couples, medium)

Set two
Rufty Tufty (2 couples, easy)
Gracca Amorosa (couples as will, medium)
Lauro (couples as will, medium)
Il Bianco Fiore (2 couples, hard)
Black Alman (couples as will, easy)
Contrapasso (3-4 couples, easy)

Set three
Chiranzana with Shilta (couples as will, easy)

Set four
Pavan and galliard (couples as will, easy)
Amoroso (couples as will, medium)
Speccio (couples as will, hard)
Danse de cleves (couples as will, medium) 
Fiamma d'Amore (couples as will, medium)
Stingo/Oil of barley (3 couples, medium)

Set five
Hearts Ease (2 couples, easy)
Rostiboli Gioso (couples as will, medium)
Chestnut (3 couples, medium)
Grimstock (3 couples, medium)
Petit Renise (triples as will, easy)
Jenny Pluck Pears (3-4 couples, easy)

If there is more time we will try to fit these dances in between 
Madame Sosilia's Alman (couples as will, medium)
Boateman (3 couples, hard)
Maltese Bransel (persons as will, medium)
Fain I would (4 couples, medium)
Picking up Sticks (3 couples, hard)
Hyde Park (4 couples, medium)

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