[SCA-AE] pennsic/gas/theft

Alheydis von Körckhingen alheydis at frodelius.com
Fri Jul 25 17:54:57 EDT 2008

Most cars made within the last decade or so have a float in the gas tank 
inlet to prevent siphoning. Auto parts stores don't want you to know 
that, otherwise they'd sell far fewer locking gas caps.

(who mundanely moonlights at an auto repair facility)

L.J. Rodriguez wrote:

>a few years ago, someone took the time to peel a bumper sticker off my car
>in the parking lot at pennsic.
>it has occurred to me that it would be EASY for someone to siphon all of the
>gas out of the 25 gallon tank of my van in that parking lot. VERY easy.
>i'm buying a locking gas cap for war....just thought other people might want
>to do the same...
>p.s. please pass this on to other lists - i think it's an idea that needs to
>be spread (even if some folks have already left home.)
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