[SCA-AE] very OT ? for folks in PA

jkroot at twcny.rr.com jkroot at twcny.rr.com
Fri Jul 25 16:09:18 EDT 2008

Just so you know I-90 runs through NEW YORK its the Thruway. I-80 runs through PA.
---- Heidi Wright <koala at bright.net> wrote: 
> Having had occasion to drive through I-90 in Pennsylvania several
> times in the last few weeks, I have a quesion for those who live
> there.
> My family and I noticed a number of bright purple boxes hanging
> from the trees at the roadside.  My initial thought is that these
> might be "houses" for bats, to encourage them to eat insects in
> the area.  All our travel was daytime, so I didn't see any bats
> around them, but neither did I see birds or other fauna.
> So my question is: what is the purpose of those purple boxes?  I
> am sure that someone in wonderful AEthelmearc knows....
> Thanks!
> Clarissa
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